Swarn Foundation an organization established with the mission to help unpriviledged people through education and employment.

In our constant endevour to support the society, we are supporting those children who are unable to pursue their study due to resource constraints. Talented children from ecomonically weaker section, who can not afford books, stationaries or coaching fees are getting support from us.
We suppport children with books, stationaries, coaching fees etc.

For employment, we are micro-finacing micro-entreprenuers who wants to set up / grow thier own business. We are supporting social business with a model to maximise social impact through ethical, sustanable and scalable business.

We finance micro-entreprenuers through loans which comes from associated members of Swarn Foundation. Micro-entreprenuers gets the funding throuh Swarn Foundation on the condition to return in easy installements. This way, we are not only promoting micro-entreprenuership but also protecting them from tauts and hefty interest from financial institutions.

Micro credit comes as loan not as donation, from associated members of Swarn Foundation.
This way we acheive a social business relation between financer and beneficiary.

Helping The Homeless