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Education is the cornerstone of an entire edifice of cultural prosperity and economic development. It is very difficult to draw a line between human and beast without education. Education not only makes us confident and prepares to fight for our rights but also lets us know about our duties.

Despite being so significant for human development the education is in a shabby state. According to the report of UNESCO, even in the 21nd century the world literacy is below 25 percent. About 16 percent of the world population is unable to read and write.

Charity Organization Society

A healthy mind lives in a healthy body. It was very rightly observed by a great thinker but very wrongly received by people in general. Despite health being the most precious treasure we have been gifted by God, we have got least facilities provided thereto. Health is the primary qualification for the evolution of society in absolute terms that helps in the upbringing and nourishment of talent and humanity.

Swarn Foundation has been founded with the vision that seeks to eradicate preventable diseases from the soil of Earth and to further ameliorate the world health order.

Charity Organization Society

Attainment of old age is as true and certain as day and night despite that in most of the developing and underdeveloped countries we are having the least in the name of social security, civil rights and assistance for older people. To fight with this social anomaly, Swarn Foundation has come forward with the idea that older people should equally enjoy the basic rights and amenities to lead their normal life as others do.

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A famous poet has described childhood as the most precious treasure one can ever possess. It has been said in a true and practical spirit because childhood cannot be bought back even by offering the whole creation. No one has ever seen the God but we can experience God in children as they are devoid of all materialistic ambition and selfishness. We all love our children more than anything else in this world. But not all children are so fortunate to enjoy this kind of love and affection.


Our belief that every life has equal value is at the core of our work at the foundation.

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